So what is Project Terran?

So what is Project Terran?

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Terran Professions

Terran Professions


Terran Professions

Unlike many games Project Terran won’t be locking you in to a single profession. We believe that flexibility in a game is paramount and the ability to allow you to choose which professions to dabble in is important.

We use a Skills based ‘real time’ learning system to aid in this selection. Currently there are currently 195 in game skills. Although this list is growing by the month lol. These skills range across every profession and are the key to empowering your characters through the game.

There are skills that work only for certain professions and skills that work across the board. There are basic skills that take 1 minute to learn and there are more serious skills that can take a week to learn. The path you take is up to you in the end.

But, that doesn’t mean we haven’t started to shape some key Professions.

Mining (Active):

The main stay of any good Sci-Fi game. You’ll be in high demand as your abilities will enable you to mine the raw asteroid resources so heavily needed in the crafting industry. You will be skilling up in mining lasers, asteroid scanners and cargo expanders to start with.

Haulage (Active):

A wise profession to make cash and earn titles and ranks within your chosen faction. There are three primary haulage companies in the Phoenix Galaxy and you can eventually work for all of them once you have skilled up sufficiently.

Merchant (Active):

The Project Terran Galaxy has over 600 Trade Commodities being manufactured by planets and star bases. Each location has its own exports and imports and your job is to fulfill these market needs. Following this profession requires to learn the day trader skill initially and this is not deemed an easy profession.

Refiner (Active):

Mined rocks and ice asteroids will give you base resources which in turn can be refined into sub resources.  Mastering all the refining skills would take s very long time indeed. But there is no reason you cant work on improving your refinery rate increasing your returns. Some may find this a great use for a secondary toon.

Harvester (Active):

There are currently 32 resources in game that can each be harvested from planets. These are used in crafting alongside the mined and refined resources. Harvesting requires specific skills and of course planetary harvesters.

Crafting (Active):

As 99.9% of the content of Project Terran will be player crafted, this profession will be a mainstay for most of you. Each arm of crafting will have its own skill requirements enabling mastering some but not all of the paths of crafting.

Combat Pilot (Active):

Lets face it nothing tastes better than victory at the end of a Pulse Laser. Project Terran has an interactive combat system that will give challenge and fun to all. You might be a Miner defending his ship from Pirates in the Asteroid Fields. Or a Combat Pilot who goes looking to fill those Combat Mission bounties.

Either way we have a galaxy full of bad guys looking for a likely target. Combat is a profession best suited to those who enjoy a challenge. But even if your not a combat pilot you will need to consider defending yourself or be willing to take some knocks and retreat where possible.

A friend or alt will come in handy as a defender whilst touring the asteroid fields. Or perhaps you might prefer to Heal your friends in combat with the use of healing lasers.

Salvage (Active):

The end product of a successful combat may well turn out to be a salvageable wreck. Load up with the correct tools for the job and you can be salvaging the kills of others or your own. Salvage resources will always be in demand and if you have a spare slot it’s always worth considering this action.


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