The Menzar

There is a common saying in the Phoenix Galaxy and that is ‘Never Trust a Menzar’. This may be a little overstated but they pride themselves on being unscrupulous and Machiavellian in their business dealings.

The Menzar look upon other races as weak and inferior and feel that it is their right the cheat and swindle any one unprepared.

You can’t mistake a Menzar in their appearance. They have a green scaly skin, and unlike most evolved races they have an aversion to clothing, wearing it only if the profit is deemed worth the effort.

They look upon every meeting as an opportunity to make profit. Always check and double check any bargains or deals you make with them, and ALWAYS read the small print. The Menzar’s home world is Vosper in the Baran system. They prefer its Humidity, but for the right price would visit just about anywhere if it made them a profit.

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