The Human

There was much debate about ‘initiating’ the Humans. One moment they seamed to be at peace and getting along with their fellow humans, the next they were throwing tactical nuclear weapons at one another.

The decision however was a mute once once they developed a near warp drive, and existed their own Solar system. The Melar took it upon themselves to be their guide and mentor.

It’s been some 230 plus years now since Humanity was made a member of the Planetary Federation. they have matured in many ways and for the most part put aside their warring actions.

Sadly it seems Humanity was not happy with the way they were treated n the Planetary Federation and broke away to form their own Colonial Union. Humans no inhabit some 56 Planets and stations throughout the Phoenix Galaxy.

Humans come from a distant Galaxy where their home world is called Earth in the Sol System.

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