The Esosian

The Esosian have a striking appearance and it’s often hard not to stare when first meeting one. They come in many colours and can be identified by their long tall antennae.

They are an advanced race, probably only eclipsed by the Melar and their robotic clones. Spanning some 49 inhabited planets and stations in the Phoenix Galaxy the Esosian’s are peaceful and well known for their diplomacy.

That’s not to say they don’t have a past. In fact, they very nearly became extinct due to internal family warring. Thankfully the Royal bloodline ascended to power, and ever since they have strived to pro actively seek peace in the Galaxy.

The Esosian’s have long learnt to deal with the proclivities of other alien races, and as such are capable of living in most environments. Though they prefer to be naked, you will find them ‘mostly clothed’ these days in a common inter-species sense of decency.


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