The Botiallian

Try not get caught in a corridor with a Botiallian coming the other way, if you do step back into a door way and wait for them to pass.

Botiallian’s are large fierce warrior class Aliens. They were one of the last races ‘initiated’ once they developed Warp Class propulsion. Sadly they then immediately went to war with their neighbours the Vortan.

That war lasted over 100 years and was only brought to an end by the diplomacy of the Esosians and the threat of annexation by the member races of the Foreen Alliance.  Botiallian’s are large, brutish and have an acrid smell that most find unpleasant.

They will happily fight to the death over the smallest of slurs, and still have a tendency to eat their young when they think no one is watching.  They are the lowest on the Technology Totem pole in the Foreen Alliance. However this has not stopped them becoming the number one Outlaw and Pirate ‘most wanted’ throughout not only their own systems, but deep into the Phoenix Galaxy space lanes.

If attacked in space whilst going about your honest living, you can be pretty sure that the ship and crew are Botiallian. One word of warning. Never surrender, and never let your ship be boarded!

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