The Vortan

The Vortan are a brutal and aggressive race. They are as scary in real life as they appear in profile. The Vortan are currently part of the Foreen Alliance and as such have ceased any ‘open combat actions’ with the other races in that region of space.

Vortans and the Botiallians were at war for well over 100 years, and this only recently came to a close in the last few months. Tensions still stand high amongst these two Alien races.

As far as caring what other races think of the Vortan, it appears they really don’t care. They do not wear clothing, and of special note, you should not stare at, or be caught talking to a female of the species if she is without a Vortan mate. Penalties for these infractions can range from a simple beating to death.

Vortans are well known for having very little patience, but they respect a show of power and aggression. Their home planet is Gavrok in Nashir where they relish the heat and dry air.

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