The Rigellan

Meeting a Rigellan for the first time can be somewhat worrisome for Humans, but you should disregard they appearance and rows of razor sharp teeth.

The Rigellan race spirals outwards from their home planet in the Inception system. They were founding members of the Commonwealth of Planets and as such are heavily involved in the trade and industry of the C.O.P.

As a race, they prefer warm, dry, arid locations, but like many Alien races they have learnt to adapt to pretty much any environment. They prefer to be naked but have long learnt that to be successful traders and entrepreneurs they have to make adjustments for the sake of others.

These days it is uncommon to find a Rigellian undressed in public, but don’t stare if you do see one. Those teeth are not just ornamental, and when angered they can impart a nasty bite.

Rigellan’s have a social cast and you would be best to learn it’s hierarchy as soon as possible. As traders they will always haggle, so don’t be afraid to haggle back, this will in all likely hood increase their opinion of you.


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