Project Terran Story Line

Earth had faced dark times in the past, but none as dark as the 21st century. By 2020 the Earths most valuable resource became living space, closely followed by clean air and a worldwide shortage of food.

Government corruption was rampant. Alliances between countries were broken nearly as fast as they were formed. Humanity was on the brink of self-destruction. Crime was at an all-time high, & three quarters of the planet were living in poverty.

Corporations began to flex their considerable financial muscles and within a short time span became the true super powers on Earth. Meanwhile humanity scrabbled around with a second space race to place a permanent presence on the Moon and eventually colonise Mars.

Perhaps there was a divine hand in it, or maybe it was just sheer luck, but on March the 16th 2235 the defining point for humanity finally arrived. First Contact; we were not alone!

230 years later, mankind has changed so much a visitor from our past would hardly recognise it. Learning that we were far from alone in the Universe probably saved us from our own destruction. Humanity has grown and expanded, technologically, mentally & physically. Humans now spans some 100’s of worlds living side by side with dozens of Alien races.

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  1. Richard D Scott says:

    You have covered the 21st century exactly as it is. Prime example: The US is supposed to be based on our Constitution, of the people, for the people, and by the people. Our politicians do exactly the opposite with no accountability. Corporations are blocking free speech and programing people with their own ideology. Sorry, just had to say.

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