The Melar


The Melar race have a long life span. Some have been known to live for over 400 earth years. Sadly several centuries ago the Melar’s genetic DNA began to fail.

This slow decline in their DNA lead to them being unable to procreate and produce stable offspring.

Fortunately they had planned ahead for this eventuality and being an advanced civilisation they created a Robotic Remote Clone system (R.R.C).

Whilst to you and me this may seem somewhat strange, the Melar’s bodies now live out their lives in remote stasis pods whilst their minds control the everyday Melar Robots.

They can remotely control these robotic life forms from great galactic distances whilst their bodies remain safe in an advance life support module back on their home planet of Xantana. The Melar are a mostly peaceful society. They are one of the technologically advanced races you will meet (so to speak).

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